Hi, I'm Ryan

User Experience Designer - Based in Seattle


UX/UI Designer & Developer

Working on small team to build chess variant website. Used Sketch to build wireframes. Then learned HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to code them.


UX Researcher

Scheduled, conducted and organized 60 user interviews. Research findings helped the CEO create an outline for his new book.

Concept – patatap.com (clone)

Frontend Developer

Wrote code for interactive keyboard-keys & sounds/visuals game. Used Javascript, HTML, and CSS. 

Type any key to generate sound and circles.


Frontend Developer

Wrote code for color game project using Javascript, HTML, and CSS and published it online. 

Use RBG code to guess colors.

Tools & Skills

UI/UX Design

Website and mobile


Wireframing, prototyping, and visual design

Interaction Design

Task flow diagrams, and user journey maps


I can code


UX Research

User interviews, Qualitative-focused


What People Say

“Ryan is a self-starter and has strong internal drive. He works well independently with little direction. When we needed someone to do the front end coding, he jumped into studying HTML and CSS right away. His unrelenting drive for self-improvement is one of his best qualities. ” Keith Huntzinger

Founder & CEO, Chessercizes

“Ryan has taught my daughter for several years now. He has talent for explaining complex chess strategies in ways resonate well with children and adults alike.” Bina Shukla

Founder & Executive Director, Ahana

Ryan built my website and found him to be very pleasant to work with. He was diligent, thorough and detail-oriented. He solved problems along the way in a professional manner. Jay Marks

Structural Massage Therapist, Seattle Posture Institute

“When I began mentoring Ryan, I was immediately impressed by his work ethic and studiousness. He always comes to our sessions prepared with questions about what he’s learning and asks for specific feedback on his work. He responds well to my advice, and I’ve seen him grow in our time together. He’s one of the most coachable people I’ve ever met.” Nick Seegmiller

Software Development Manager, Amazon

“Based on my experience working together with Ryan on our project, I can vouch for him as someone who has strong communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.” Jeremy Krasin

Backend Developer, Chessercizes

I was a guest on Ryan’s podcast show. He connects well with a wide range of guests of many different backgrounds.Devin Parada

Operations Specialists, Coinme

I'm Available for Hire or Freelance!

[email protected]; 509-869-4067