Chess With Ryan

Case Study


UX/UI Designer

UI Developer 







My Process


I solicit my chess teaching service annually at the biggest scholastic tournament in the state. This year I wanted to boost my credentials. 


In preparation for this event I needed a professional website and dapper business cards.


Built using WordPress with Divi Builder.


Frequently presented designs, elicited feedback and iterated product design.

Website Design

Pages Built

I deliberate chose simple, bright and friendly designs as that seemed fitting for a website geared towards parents and children. 

Business Cards – Before vs after

Visual Design

Intentionally designed to appear silly in order to add a humorous, playful charm since I’m marketing towards children. The background for the bio copy embodies a classroom chalkboard. I later iterated with some small adjustments. 

In Summary


Completed website and business cards on time for the large scholastic tournament. Got several new students in the proceeding months.

Next Steps

Bug fixes. Add better appointment scheduling service. Add more youtube video content. Iterate lesson content page for styling and depth. 

Lessons From Experience

What I Learned

At first I wanted to make a unique design by combining a collection of sections from various templates. But I soon realized that that level of customization required to accomodate for this is quite extensive. Adjustments have to made across all elements to synchronize the typography, color schemes, element styling and more. 

Next Time

Stick to a single template when quick delivery is important. This avoids losing excessive time from synchronizing all page elements that were mixed and match together.

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