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Arend – Course Instructor

Project Overview

Goal was to enhance my proficiency using Sketch in order to be more effective for the right opportunity to arise. After all, luck is preparation meets opportunity.

My Process

Table of Contents

  1. Original Design Comparison
  2. Social Media Outreach


Purpose of project was to improve my process by enhancing my proficiency with Sketch. 


The assignment was to replicate the pre-existing Fleet Feet website. 


I used Sketch to produce a replicate.

Original Design Created by NMC*

Original vs. My Replication

Facebook Flex Post

Arend Repied to My Post!

I shared my finished work in a closed facebook group community. Arend said he was happy to help! 



I met my goal of learning new things in order to become more proficient with Sketch. For example, I learned new keyboard shortcuts and how they can be used to increase efficiency as well as decrease hand strain.

Next Steps

Continue to apply skills to retain knowledge. Continue the coursework to learn more. 



Original Fleet Feet design created by National Media Concentration, (NMC). Course content created by Arend. I have no affiliation with NMC, Fleet Feet, or Arend.

Copyright Concerns

Content displayed above was deliberately done so in a manner that the owners are not likely to find disagreeable. 

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