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UX Design




Recording Equipment


Qualitative Research



User Journey Diagrams

Usability Testing


2 weeks

Business Overview

Texthub’s provides a desktop app for business owners to use for text marketing.

My Process

Table of Contents

  1. Proto Persona
  2. UX Research Methods
  3. Iterations


The CEO requested assistance with design asthetics. 


I interviewed business owners and led them through usability tests to generate user insights.


I used my findings to create personas and other deliverables.


We presented our work.

UX Research

Persona A

I essentially made some educated guesses to procure a proto-persona. I did so because I needed to better understand who Texthub was marketing to.

UX Research

Usability Testing & Contextual Inquiries

 Less instruction yields more objective data, hence the value of a contextual inquiry.  I sparsely facilitated a fellow classmate as he toured the site. He expressed his thought process out loud including initial reactions to the site. I used also QuickTime recording to track mouse movement. 

UX Research

Affinity Map

Next I needed a way to consolidate all the information I gathered. I used an affinity map. Affinity maps are also a neat way to involve teammates into a discussion. We were able to categorize themes that affirmed our initial hypotheses about needing a more trustworthy homepage and an onboarding platform for new users. And additional insights were accumulated as well to help tailor our new and improved journey map and persona thereafter.


User Journey Map

In order to pinpoint specific problem points along a new users experience I mapped out a journey map which incorporated the emotional experience as well.


Persona B

Using my research findings I produced a new persona.

User Research

User Flow Diagram

This diagram illustrations key points in users’ experiences.



Research findings provided insights that led to better informed designs. Home page asthetics upgraded extensively.

Next Steps

Renovate the user dashboard.

Lessons From Experience

What I Learned

We were originally fixated on updating the homepage. But my research revealed that the homepage would be a better focal point.

Next Time

Sometimes having open-ended project goals can be advantageous.

Thanks for Reading!

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